Do you want to fast track building your style?

The 90 minute 1:1 wardrobe video session that sees me deep-dive into your closet and get laser focused on helping you quickly shape your unique signature style.

Through reviewing the contents of your wardrobe, this private creative session is all about me masterminding a tailor-made style plan for YOU.

In 1.5 hours, walk away with not just outfits ideas (using what you already own), body shape tips and shopping recommendations, but an entirely fresh style mindset that defines your new exciting approach to getting dressed.

My style has always been quite formal and smart and I have been embracing the changes I'm making in my business, to be less stiff and mumsy. I now have the blueprint I need to go forwards with my new business, whilst being a funky mum and comfortable in who I am. Recently I was on a retreat and people said how stylish and trendy I looked (how did that happen?!)

How it Works

If you have NEVER worked with me before…

(Or it’s been over 12 months)

Whether you want to dip your toe into experiencing what it’s like to be styled by me online before committing to one of my programmes, or you simply desire just a quick hit of intensive help, this session is all about nailing down your unique signature style and putting the wardrobe foundations in place.

I’ll begin with helping you create your 5-Word Style Manifesto to form the base of your new look, before identifying your body shape and the key styles that will flatter your figure whilst working with your newly defined look.

I’ll review the contents of your wardrobe, helping you edit out items that do not fit and flatter your body shape or speak your signature style.

Once the wardrobe is realigned, I’ll put together a collection of outfits, orientated around your Manifesto using what you already have and make shopping recommendations (within your shopping budget) for items that will instantly cement your new look.

If you HAVE worked with me in the past 12 months…

Picking up where we last left off, your session will have a much more practical approach that focuses on the progression of your signature style.

Whether you want to look at all areas of your style, or hone in on specific Dressing Divisions, your Signature Style Accelerator begins with checking your 5-Word Style Manifesto and tweaking if necessary.

I’ll then dive straight into re-discovering the contents of your wardrobe to build a whole new set of outfits that look and feel fresh, exciting and totally on point.

In addition (if required), we’ll do some 1:1 online shopping with specific recommendations to enhance, compliment and evolve what’s already in your closet.

14 Days Follow-Up Support

With either type of session, just to make sure you’re able to implement the advice I give during our call confidently, you’ll receive 14 days follow-up What’s App support.

This is your opportunity to ask and receive extra styling tips as you transition into your new signature style, as well as send me outfit selfies that require constructive styling feedback.

Plus if you make any new purchases, I’ll be on-hand to sense-check they are right and help you style them up into new outfits.

Clare really understands my life journey and how I want to portray my growing sense of empowerment in how I dress and show up to the world. I signed up for an Accelerator Session as I already have some amazing items in my wardrobe (thanks also to Clare!) and wanted to make the best of them. Clare is absolutely magic at building outfits that I never would have thought of, that make me feel fabulous and people say ‘wow’ to! I love her personal touch, and her warm hearted humour when she spots me occasionally falling back into my old ways of dressing and hauls me back!

Cost of Session