Would you like your very own personal stylist
ON TAP to help you push your style boundaries and level up your look for Autumn/Winter 2019?

How It Works

Style Advice At Your Fingertips

All the action for The Style Reboot takes place inside a secret Facebook group otherwise known as; The Style Hub.

The beauty of The Style Hub is that you have my ACCOUNTABILITY (together with the encouragement from your fellow Rebooters) within a couple of clicks, meaning that you’ll feel supported all day, everyday picking and choosing the right outfit.

I will be inside The Style Hub every week Mondays-Fridays helping you craft your signature style for the season through style lesson videos and answering/commenting on your questions and posts.

Pushing Your Style Boundaries

To support your desire to buy less, buy well, shopping is split into 3 intervals during The Reboot: Seasonal Foundations, Seasonal Statements and Seasonal Extras.

At each of the 3 shopping intervals, I will be scouring the UK high street and the web to find you the best items for YOUR wardrobe.

I’ll be presenting my finds inside The Style Hub in the form of videos and photos and because I’ll be working really closely with you and will have a vision for how to push your style boundaries and shape your signature style, those videos and photos will be personalised to YOU.
You’ll see your name tagged in posts and clear advice on how to style items when I spot something that I believe is going to look fabulous in your wardrobe.

This also means that you’ll be able to shop at your own pace. You don’t need to enter the membership with a massive shopping budget. In fact buying a few bits at a time means as you get more confident and experimental with your signature style, you’ll feel even more excited about adding items to your wardrobe to freshen it up.

Pulling Together A Killer Look

Whilst shopping recommendations will feature highly throughout the course of The Style Reboot, I do NOT want you to be shopping every week. Chasing the new all the time is a short lived endorphin high that teaches you nothing about the art to becoming a confident dresser and neither is it responsible to our planet.

Instead I want to help you love the contents of your wardrobe and give you that satisfying feeling of being able to restyle your items into multiple outfits that all reflect your signature style.

I’ll help you achieve this through regular practical outfit styling videos inside The Style Hub designed to make you think outside the box and experiment with what you own.

I’ll also be introducing you to my ‘Outfit Formulas’ and helping you apply them to your wardrobe so that you unlock the secret power and ability in knowingly pulling together impactful outfits in seconds.

Dressing With Confidence

To make certain your membership truly helps you upgrade your style for the season and washes away those old feelings of doubt and frustration when it comes to getting dressed, each week The Style Hub will have a different focus to ensure every single area of your signature style for the season is addressed and evolved.

The Finishing Touches

Because both hair and makeup play such an important role in helping you elevate your style and be in-control of the narrative your appearance sends out about you, Miss Dress resident makeup artist and hair stylist will step inside The Style Hub for 2 of the weeks to bring you a collection of tailored makeup and haircare/styling tutorials showing you subtle changes you can make to refresh your hair and beauty routine for the season and align it with your signature style.

Sharing Your Style Journey

There is a maximum of 50 spaces on each run of The Style Reboot meaning that you will become a part of a very special close knit sisterhood over the course of the 12 weeks and enjoy sharing your journey with other like-minded women who are on the same style improvement path as you.

Alongside direct access to me inside The Style Hub, for part of the membership you will have What’s App support from me to really personalise your styling experience with me.


1:1 Video Session With Me

To ensure The Style Reboot is tailored to you and your signature style, part of your membership includes a private 45-minute video wardrobe session with me. Your Closet Clarity Call is our opportunity to connect on a personal, deeper level so that I can really get to know you and work out how best to develop your signature style for the season. The structure of this 1:1 session will include: Reviewing the contents of your wardrobe and figuring out what needs to be added; Discussing your body shape and the outfit styling ‘techniques’ that will help to really flatter your figure and enhance your signature style, as well as answering any of your clothing questions you want to ask me personally.
I signed up to the Reboot thinking it would help deal with a split in my work/life wardrobe, having lost direction with my clothes generally. Turns out it’s been about a whole lot more! It may or may not be a coincidence but these last few months I have taken on a great, more outward-facing role at work and I would go so far as to say it’s helped me really start to focus and value myself so much more.
I loved being part of the Reboot group! Not only has my own style evolved but I’ve found confidence in trying new styles that was a result from the huge amount of inspiration the other ladies posts inside The Facebook Group gave me. It has been amazing. More than anything I think the group has been a great place to be open and honest and the amount of encouragement from all the other Rebooters was phenomenal!
It has been so eye opening to learn how to apply current trends and styles to myself and how I wish to dress. The notion of creating my own style has been really novel and fun. I have visited shops both in person and online that I just felt before aren’t ‘Me’ and then I found ‘Me’ things right there waiting for me.

Cost of Programme